domingo, 30 de setembro de 2007


To travel no matter where, it's the way that is important, speacially the inner path to the deep side of the soul. I feel that I'm living today as if it was yesterday, only a little older. Carpem Diem they say and I agree but sometimes current events remind us of times gone by.Nostalgic feeling, maybe. Life is seen now not with the same light, nor with the same glasses. It's more certain now within the uncertainty of life itself, the light is brighter and you want time to go by slowly.There is no place for rushes like there was in my teens. For the first time in my existence, I've learned to accept and life with opposite feelings or situations. It's not worth fighting for something that is like it is full stop. You learn to accept it just the way it is, nothing more nothing less, and suddenly the oppossites simply vanish . You feel free and must lighter than before, when you had all of those internal fights.You feel at peace at least. There is no bad or good, no heaven or hell, no right or wrong...The only thing there is to guide you is your own conscious, your intuition, your heart.One has to be true and in harmony with his or hers inner voice or being, to just be a grain of sand that goes wherever the wind takes it. And everything is must easier and simple.

sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2007

A new beginnig

I must say that this is something new for me. A new space to write, to dream and to express myself in another way or form. What will I write in this blog I haven't a clue. Why is it in English? Maybe because certain things are better said in english than in portuguese. You use less words I guess. Just to say hello to any possible reader out there. That's all for now.